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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a therapeutic technique that increases oxygen and air pressure to the patient. This increased oxygen and air pressure put more oxygen molecules into red blood cells as well as the plasma - the liquid that contains red blood cells. HBOT's ability to increase oxygen helps the patient's cells improve the healing process - killing bacteria, reducing swelling and inflammation and repairing damaged tissues. Plasma oxygenation carries oxygen molecules even deeper into tissues, crossing the "blood-brain barrier". These areas that often are too small for the oxygen in red blood cells to be effective. It is a great anti-inflammatory agent for neuro-degenerative disorders ( i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Myasthenia Gravis, stroke, etc). HBOT is non-invasive, natural, painless and has minimal risk of side effects.

Family Wellness Center HBOT

Family Wellness Center offers mild hyperbaric therapy. Mild hyperbarics use soft-sided oxygen chambers that increase the oxygen and atmospheric pressure from sea level atmosphere (1.0 ATA) to 1.3 (ATA) atmospheres, approximately the amount of pressure a person receives in 11 feet of water. At 1.3 atmospheres, the soft chamber increases oxygen via a relatively small amount of pressure (in comparison to hard chambers) yet has efficacy for a variety of conditions.

The patient enters the chamber and the attendant gradually raises the pressure until it is fully pressurized (5 to 10 minutes, depending on the patient's comfort level). Each chamber treatment is one hour as soon as full pressure is achieved, and patients can sleep, read or use electronic portable devices. Patients are continually monitored and can call an attendant or de-pressurize the chamber from within. The chamber is large enough to let a parent to "dive" with their child or children.

Information About Renting a HBOT

Renting a Hyperbaric Chamber in your home is very convenient and safe. We will send one of our instructors to your home to help set up the unit, after you have been trained in the proper and safe usage of the Hyperbaric chamber at Family Wellness Center.

According to the research in Hyperbaric medicine, it would be safe for you to administer Mild HBOT in your home in two - 1 hour sessions per day with a 4 hour break between sessions. This way, one can receive 60 sessions in a 30 day period. Proper care and cleanliness of the chamber will be instructed to each person so that the environment will be as pristine as possible during the rental period.

Please research any links listed here or via the web site to gain further knowledge in the benefits of Hyperbaric therapies offered around the world.

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